Wednesday, April 3, 2013

"I'm at the platform; at Lakeside already. Same place."

First cabin towards Jurong East.
 We met as early as 10 a.m, and headed for the first on our itinerary - the S.E.A (South East Asia) Aquarium! *bloop bloop fish emoticon photo: fisch fish.gif

 photo 01_zps4ed121bf.jpg  photo 03_zpsd7d7760b.jpg Heniochus Acuminatus photo 04_zps5ac9bd47.jpg

Heniochus Acuminatus.

 photo 05_zps2bc41470.jpg  photo 06_zps3140b802.jpg

Stepping on these glass flooring, it was akin to being underwater. And as I watched the marine life in all its glory, I felt almost like an intruder.

The Black Seahorse(s) photo 07_zps33d812a3.jpg

The Black Seahorse(s).

 photo 08_zps327b32d1.jpg  photo 09_zps23d35fe2.jpg  photo 10_zpsf16c951a.jpg  photo 11_zps07e2f93e.jpg

Here, at the Discovery Touch Pool, we get to have a tactile feel of the knobbly sea star. We thought we'd come back after a round in the S.E.A Aquarium should time permits. Hoping the crowd would also subside by then. But it was eating into our lunch time, and we were too famished. So, we dismissed the idea.

Then, came my favorite section -
Blobs of floating jellyfishes!

Blobs of floating jellyfishes photo 12_zpsc703835b.jpg  photo 13_zpsc50c9242.jpg Aurelia Aurita photo 14_zps3902fe9d.jpg

Aurelia Aurita.

It is rare for these "moon jellies" to live more than about six months in the wild unless they are cared for in public aquariums.

 photo 15_zps4e20bfe4.jpg  photo 16_zps8afbbe97.jpg  photo 17_zps40f82009.jpg  photo 18_zps583d39de.jpg  photo 19_zps28749330.jpg  photo 20_zpsa0227c94.jpg Emporer Angelfish photo 21_zpsac8ff9ae.jpg

Emperor Angelfish.

Giant Spider Crab photo 22_zps4a96a9cf.jpg

Giant Spider Crab.

 photo 23_zps2d7ab4d8.jpg  photo 24_zps28149976.jpg  photo 25_zps8388c2c4.jpg  photo 26_zps6bf46930.jpg  photo 27_zpsdf94b725.jpg School of Fishes photo 28_zps517a4042.jpg

School of Fishes.

Sea Urchin photo 29_zpsae9d3f65.jpg

Sea Urchin.

According to Wayne, the Japanese love sea urchins! This little round thing with sharp spines, (their sex organ especially) considered a delicacy to the Japanese; eaten as sushi called "Uni".

 photo 30_zpsf6e40350.jpg  photo 31_zps74f93e47.jpg  photo 32_zps31dff30b.jpg  photo 33_zps3206192e.jpg

We proceeded to buy tickets for G.I Joe: Retaliation; the 3:10 p.m show before dining in at Sakae Sushi, Harbourfront for lunch.

 photo 34_zps24a6e2d9.jpg Tenzaru Sumi Udon - mixed tempura charcoal udon photo 35_zps84737c90.jpg

Tenzaru Sumi Udon.
(mixed tempura charcoal udon.)

Tenzaru Sumi Udon (Close-Up) photo 36_zps652f340c.jpg

Tenzaru Sumi Udon. (Close-Up)

 photo 37_zps4a646f15.jpg

Unlike my constant lust for mangoes, I have a mild obsession for Hello Kitty. The design I was initially eyeing on (consisting only of Hello Kitty's face) was out-of-stock. I didn't want her body. (Okay, that sounded wrong. emoticon photo: Emoticon th11.gif) I don't know if you do realize this, but Hello Kitty's head is bigger than her body.

Let's do the Math.
A full Hello Kitty cost $16.90. Her face alone cost $7.90.
$16.90 - $7.90 = $9.00 (An additional $9.00 for her bloody bodaaaaay.....)

But I love you still, Wayne.

The lady at Art Box was terribly kind. She didn't mind me leaving my Hello Kitty helium balloon with her, and only collect it at my desired time. She makes a good balloon nanny. I like her. But I hate her because I assume she pumped in too much helium, causing it to last no more than a day.

 photo 38_zps397fd37c.jpg  photo 39_zpsd7ac4ea8.jpg  photo 40_zps3519396d.jpg Salted Butterscotch Brownie photo 41_zps341662f7.jpg

Salted Butterscotch Brownie.
(topped with ice-cream)

Killed time at awfully chocolate. I like how the taste of this combination resonates in the back of my throat, but I have to warn you. Indulging in it too much will give one a sore throat.

 photo 42_zps3edad975.jpg

My readers are probably wondering why is it that my life, or rather my blog post(s) revolves a lot around him.

For some inexplicable reason, we each will meet someone we feel more connected to than we have been with anyone else. For there is nothing more nice; there is nothing much worser than me as his vice, and him as my versa.

Thank you for the a-week-in-advance birthday celebration.

 photo AishaKBach_zpsshoqfoix.jpg

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