Wednesday, March 6, 2013

- noun
1. a strong, innate desire to rove or travel about.

A German word for a feeling which I believe we each all have buried somewhere inside of us. Labeling oneself as a 'wanderlust' does not necessarily mean you always have to be travelling, or travelling abroad. Simply instead
, a feeling that draws me, in particular, to new adventures. 

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Tucked in the heart of Holland Village, I decided to bring Wayne to someplace new for brunch. (MU Parlour is easy to miss if you aren't actually paying special attention to the shops located on the second floor.) We walked to the other end of Lorong Mambong and back again, only to find out we missed it.

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Victorian-styled white teak furniture. White bare bricked walls. Black-and-white checkered tiles juxtaposed with pieces of bright red English chairs, and wooden shelves that fashions a minimalistic aura enhanced by sunlight - brings about an Alfresco dining without the heat.

The elaborate play of three colors wormed its way into our hearts. How can anyone not be captivated by an interior of what seemed to be rustic and old, but ultimately charming?!

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Black-and-White Checkered Tiles.

 photo 04_zpsfcb54188.jpg

A glimpse of the menu.

 photo 07_zps793fc1ed.jpg

We pad down our stomach with...

 photo 08_zps7a93289e.jpg

Eggs Benedict
- Poached Eggs, Brioche, Rocket Salad.

It was reaaaaally good.

 photo 09_zps9998dc16.jpg

Eggs Benedict. (Close-Up)

 photo 10_zps8476d656.jpg

Beef with Runny Eggs
- Served with Hash Brown.

 photo 11_zpsc5e26b41.jpg

Beef with Runny Eggs. (Close-Up)

 photo 12_zps55bf371e.jpg  photo 13_zpsb7e299e8.jpg  photo 0102_zpsa284d918.jpg

He insisted I eat up my greens before we leave, but of course, I didn't. So, he went on with his
'grandfather' story about them as according to the picture on the left! Haha!

 photo 14_zps5775b6f7.jpg

Seeing Spots?

We spent the rest of the day thrawling the several floors of Vivo. I assume for this Spring 2013 Collection, it is all about bold stripes and polka dots.

Polka dots is a classic print up till today. It never loses its edge. Never. And as far as I know, it graced the gowns of popular female celebrities from Marilyn Monroe to Elizabeth Taylor. Then, it was a staple for Lucille Ball's wardrobe. And now, it is a favorite motif among many designers especially Yayoi Kusama. (You can't be my friend if you don't know Yayoi Kusama. I loveeeee her! She is an inspiration!)

'YAY' or 'NAY'?

 photo 15_zpsa3c794a7.jpg

Petite Spot Crop Top (Click to be directed to TopShop)

 photo 1617_zps3d6b4874.jpg

Green Spot Print Tube Skirt (Click to be directed to TopShop)

 photo 18_zpsc7917657.jpg

Took away Coffee Beans, and headed for the rooftop. There is, after all, so much shopping one can do.  

 photo 21_zps3698a3de.jpg

Dark clouds covering up the sky, and the teletubbies each say goodbye again...

 photo 22_zpsfa9f6878.jpg  photo 23_zps8b954189.jpg  photo 24_zpsced95a97.jpg  photo 25_zps53b637b7.jpg

To all the good times, and counting.

 photo 26_zps81aafb51.jpg  photo 27_zpsaacdd1ad.jpg  photo 28_zps986c8379.jpg  photo 29_zps802fa2b6.jpg

Honestly, I wasn't at all disappointed knowing I didn't buy anything, but I was more than happy for Wayne for he finally bought his pair of Sperry!

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Thank you for today.

On a side note, if you weren't aware, I am in the midst of creating, and launching shopboxnlocks. I will most certainly keep you guys on the loop about it.

MU Parlour
16A Lorong Mambong
Holland Village
Tel: +65 6466 9336
Daily: 10 a.m - 11 p.m

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