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Looking back, I have known you for quite awhile now. Two years back, we were consumed by our daily habit of staying up, conversing, playing games (in which I have never felt quite satisfied of for you won almost the entire time) till the wee hours. As of then, things got a little bit different, I must say.

Well, let me fill you in a bit. Just last Friday, I met the boy in the late evening. Thank god for those few girls whom I bumped into as I was draggin myself to Mcdonalds, after having sent my dear Hamidah off. After much roaming around, I caught Tekken with the boy. It wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. He claims he's Jin Kazama. For that, I shall claim I'm Christie Monteiro. Hahaha. (Oh look! I've muscles! Shy ones.. ) Like any other gentleman would, he insisted on sending me home. We parted with a hmm well.. with a slightly different ending. Haha. Monday came, and he still have no idea what plans I had in store for him. I actually personally met him under his block with my DIY-ed cake. When I fell in love with this phrase, "I hope you'll like the cake. Eat it like a burger okay!"

I don't go to the extent of doing things just for anybody, y'know.myspace smiley Pictures, Images and Photos On a side note, I'll be keeping my fingers and toes crossed til you get your license. Same goes to the approval of my dear bestfriend's DSA.


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