Sunday, April 18, 2010

I've got a laundry list of things I intend to save up for and get, in hand. However though, it suck to know that I've to meticulously plan them out as so I won't find myself in a situation whereby I know I've splurged unnecessarily. Now, if there is any nice soul who'd bother accompanying me to Haji Lane to collect my lacey tube dress, which I've purchased from Oakham Market, after school on Wednesday ? I'll treat you to cinnamon melts. Hehehe. Or maybe get me that studded unionjack bag ? *pearly whites

If there is ever one thing you will come to know of me, I'm best at spending but never good at saving.
I miss ze boy who said my hair smells nice and is afraid of roachies, who stubbornly insist he's not dozing off just as yet even though I very well know he is.

Well, I think it's gonna rain.
If you could maybe just maybe formspring me ? It could just maybe be a sign to show I've readers still. Thank you.

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