Wednesday, March 24, 2010


I'm always greeted by the fresh face of brightly coloured capsicum pieces. For I feel the strong taste of capsicum was a little overbearing, that I'm always leaving them out. However I think it was more so the thought that I was eating something which I had already formed in mind as 'inedible'. Hehe. But I'll try overcoming my mental inhibitions and acquire a taste for capsicum.

So, I spent the later half of my day with both my favourite girls, Ann Amaryllis and Caryl Camellia. It was also to somewhat make up for last week since Caryl was unable to join us. I don't know bout you, but to me, they're like bacon bits in the salad bowl of my life.


Ann, the girl whom I thought had a pretty adorable accent, the first time I met her. It gave me comfort knowing that she was always there to listen to my little problems and that she was like a tool that guides, and shift my perspective on certain things. Haha and oh yes, a quarter of Dora. She actually carries a map with her! Hahaha. I too, am excited bout another challenge I've been given. In which is to design a dress for Annie, that makes her feel most attractive. Can't wait to start workin on it! *grins wide.

While Caryl, on the other hand, is the kind of girl whom I thought was very kind of charming in a way, the first time I met her. Tall and a little quiet. A girl whom everyone would want to have as a friend. Come to think of it, I'm glad I knew Darren. If not for Darren, I would not have even known Caryl! *hugs

Thank you both, for today. Best eveeeeer!

With love,

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