Monday, March 15, 2010


I shall start off first by answering ze questions that were left anonymously on formspring..

I was here ! Damn, missing you. - Haha I'm sorry, you are ?

What's your personal opinion on guys who wear colourful skinny jeans ?
Initial thinking, my personal opinion on guys who wear colourful skinny jeans tend to look rather awful. Not unless you can pull it off, really. Secondary wise, they're not for everyone. These colourful skinnies look even better in a pile, on the floor! Soo it's like doing a recipe. It's all in the quality of the ingredients.Happy Emoticon

Who do you talk to the most ? - Ann Amaryllis.

Do you like Justin Bieber ? - Well, ermm *shrugs. Haha no, not really.

And so anyway, I just got off the phone with favourite, quite awhile ago. Yes, he left me talking alone on the other line again but I didn't mind for I find him pretty cute whenever he goes on 'hallucinate mode' and mumbles as he slips off to Wonderland. He too texted earlier than usual today, in which led to a conversation over sleeping beauty. Teehee!

Don't give up, keep on trying. The glory is yours to keep if you succeed. Instead of giving me a tongue lashing scolding for my poor results, mum went to the extent of typing me out a letter and only handing it over to me, before hitting the sack. For she feels it's the only best way to get through to me. I think I lack of motivation, that I tend to always tune my mindset to be less focus in my studies. But I ain't giving up just as yet. I'll do whatever it takes to 'fight for the air in my lungs'.

I'm looking forward to one hell of a good time with the ladies this Wednesday, and also, to little Ain's birthday! Uncle Helmi came to visit just yesterday. Unfortunately, Lisa and gang didn't tag along. Hehe and as usual, he brought back few packets of my favourite dried mangoes plus a tub of mango ice cream from New Zealand.

Aite. Have a great week ahead.

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